Mission Statement

True Bearing Media is committed to providing expert level media and evidentiary video services to the Canadian legal industry. 

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About Us

True Bearing was created to meet the demand for high quality video analysis that was being met by Two Dogs Media, our parent company. Repeated requests for video analysis of evidence made it apparent that there was no company dedicated to serving the legal community of Canada. After consulting with several lawyers in the fields of personal injury, insurance, litigation, and defence law, True Bearing was specifically designed to specialize in meeting the needs of the legal community.

Since its inception True Bearing has offered expert analysis and testimony in numerous legal cases. We can claim references from several law firms and one Justice of the Superior Court of Ontario.
We provide supportexclusively to the legal community of Canada and we understand the nuances and challenges that face lawyers, law firms, and ancillary staff with each day and each case. Let us help you work through your forensic and production needs.

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