Forensic Services

Surveillance is omnipresent in our daily lives. Images, video, and audio are captured from a myriad of sources and can play a vital role in determining the outcome of a trial or arbitration. Many lawyers are grateful to exploit such evidence; however, the analysis and presentation of such evidence can prove daunting.

We specialize in forensic analysis of all audio and video evidence. Our tech experts analyze, clean and, in some cases, isolate media evidence in a manner that best serves the interests of your client. Additionally, our team members are available and experienced giving expert testimony in court on behalf of clients. True Bearing understands the challenges of fully utilizing, or defending against, video evidence not to mention presenting to judges, juries, and related bodies. Our past cases have included motor vehicle accidents, manslaughter accusations, slip and fall defenses, break & enter allegations, and homicide defense.

In each case, we carefully broke down the evidence frame by frame and analyzed each component to develop a fulsome understanding of what occurred. We then report our findings in a simple and straightforward manner.

Original Media Production

Are you making the best use of the assets in your law firm? Do your clients understand why you are the best choice for them when engaging council?

Our creative department can help your firm overcome these challenges. True Bearing is also a full-service production house prepared and skilled to help with all your audio-visual communication needs. Audio-visual media is a proven tool for reaching clients and customers. By creating dynamic video content for blogs, web, or advertising campaign, you create your story and direct the narrative of your firm.

True Bearing Media is the creative powerhouse you need to bring your law firm to life.

We bring years of experience in filmmaking, both creative and documentarian to the table. We can create a story for your firm and present your staff in a manner that supports your value proposition and help your firm develop and maintain the online and social media presence it warrants.


While anyone can hold a camera and adjust a light, it takes years of experience and passion to create great stories that are memorable and engaging to the audience, both in and out of the courtroom. True Bearing Media understands that each case has its own financial considerations. We are respectful of the need to work within your budget, or the budget of your client, to provide the best service possible. Please reach out to our team at True Bearing. We'd be happy to discuss any of your needs and conduct a preliminary review of any evidence that you are currently managing.

True Bearing Media is entirely dedicated to our mission statement to be the primary and best provider of media and evidentiary video services to the legal industry in Canada.


We recently had Jeff and Randy at True Bearing Media enhance some surveillance video which assisted our client considerably. We received fast, friendly service and we strongly recommend Jeff and Randy at True Bearing Media.

John FitzmauriceBarrister and Solicitor

Criminal Lawyers know that video evidence raises as many questions as it answers. I had Jeff and Randy at True Bearing Media dissect and evaluate some very challenging footage. They were responsive and engaged, understood the issues quickly, and provided us with a comprehensive analysis and a very helpful enhancement of the video.

Phil CampbellLockyer Campbell Posner